– Witchcraft causing high absenteeism at Kabanga school in Itezhi-tezhi District.

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Witchcraft causing high absenteeism at Kabanga school in Itezhi-tezhi District.

Itezhi Tezhi  August 27, 2014,ZANIS—In what is widely considered to be one of the weirdest phenomena in Itezhi Tezhi,  school girls at Kabanga primary school in chief Chilyabufu’s chiefdom in the district are reportedly  witnessing  short weird men who causes them to collapse.


The weird situation, which has been attributed to witchcraft, has caused tension between teachers and the surrounding communities to an extent that some teachers have threatened to withdraw from this remote school.


ZANIS reports that Itezhi Tezhi district commissioner George Sichula who confirmed the development  an interview today.


Mr. Sichula  said that the reported witchcraft activities have led to high absenteeism among the pupils  at Kabanga School.


He said that reports reaching his office indicate that there are weird short men that are only visible to girls at the school and they cause the girls to collapse.


“We have sad reports which have been connected to witchcraft in Kabanga where short weird men are appearing only to girls who faint once they see these weird men.


“The funny part is that these reported weird short men are only visible to girls only and this has led to some parents withdrawing their girls from school, ” Mr. Sichula said.


The District commissioner said that he has asked the Itezhi Tezhi district education board Secretary to go and sensitize the communities on the dangers of practicing witchcraft at public institutions like schools.


Mr. Sichula explained that  apart from Kabanga school, he has received reports from Kachinka school were  a teacher who died a longtime ago is reportedly re-appearing every year during examinations time.


He said according to reports from that school, the ghost of the dead teacher is always seen invigilating examination classes and that the development has worried teachers and some parents.


Mr. Sichula has appealed to traditional chiefs in the district to help sensitise their subjects on the evils of practicing witchcraft adding that witchcraft, if proved is punishable according to the penal code.


He further appealed to religious leaders in the district to take up this issue and offer prayers in that affected school.