No one can take over from Sata before 2016 – Wina

Sata - 2014-05-21
Sata - 2014-05-21

Patriotic Front (PF) national chairperson Inonge Wina says it is not possible for any PF leader to take over leadership from President Michael Sata now as he has a mandate to govern the country up to 2016 and possibly beyond.

Commenting on the revelation by Finance Minister that there are some PF leaders positioning themselves to take over the presidency from President Sata, Ms. Wina has told Qfm news in an interview that she is learning of the revelation by Mr. Chikwanda for the first time.

Ms. Wina, who is also Gender Minister, says it will be however unwise for anyone to contemplate taking over the presidency because everyone in party knows that the current leader of party and the Head of State is President Sata.

She says it is for this reason why she thinks that there cannot be anyone in the ruling party%u2019s leadership who is currently contemplating to take the Presidency before 2016.

Asked what her advice would be as party national person if indeed there is a clique of PF leaders positioning themselves to take over the presidency as confirmed by Mr. Chikwanda, Ms. Wina says she may not be aware if there is any such machinations.

She says as national chairperson, she would like to see togetherness and a stronger unity of purpose by all party members.

The PF national chairperson states this is why it is important that all party members adhere to her call for unity.
( Wednesday 27th August 2014 )



  1. why don’t you show even just a short paragraphic description of your story other than these links only?

  2. Yes it’s much better for Zambia to stay completely out of all the AU negotiation, collaboration meetings with neighbours and investor gatherings. Am sure Jesus will come down on Earth and do all the work and decisions if we pray hard enough.