hijackers are on the loose in PF – Kambwili

MINISTER of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili
MINISTER of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has echoed Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda’s assertion that some PF top officials are scheming to hijack the presidency before 2016.

Mr. Kambwili has told QFM News in an interview that it is a well known fact that some known PF senior officials in connivance with a named Newspaper want to take over the presidency before the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Kambwili says to this effect some individuals in the party and government have been targeted to be hounded out of the party including himself.

He names other allegedly targeted to be kicked out of the party as Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, PF Central Committee member Willy Nsanda, Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga and Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma.

Mr. Kambwili says a known PF top official has partnered with a named media house in a bid to propagate his Presidential candidacy.

He says the same senior official who he refused to name has also been campaigning in day light that he should take over the presidency.

Mr. Kambwili says the official has also been luring youths from the Copperbelt promising beneficial contracts if they support him to take over the party presidency.

And Mr. Kambwili, who is also PF National Youth Chairman, says Zambians should open their eyes and condemn the clique that does not mean well for the country.

He has since urged PF members not to relent but fight against such individuals who are dividing the party for selfish gains.
( Tuesday 26th August 2014 )



  1. We knw hw these ministers do when voted into power.They tend 2 b stealing frm individual poor zambian pipo, who suffers when getting dat little cash, which is a shame and disgrace at da same time.They should atleast voluntary working 2 da poor pipo nangu ukwiba ko panono nt sana.