‘You didn’t pay bride price’

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

SECRECY and mistrust proved the perfect ingredients to end a relationship that had started at Mayela Night club between a Kamwala High School teacher and a woman of Mtendere Township.
Paul Mumba, 46, was summoned to the Chelstone local court by his wife, Brenda Mwanza, 31, also of Mtendere under a marriage reconciliation claim that was later dismissed.

Magistrates Mary Namangala and Bertha Zulu quashed Mwanza’s claim on the grounds that no bride price was paid.
Mwanza said she started an intimate relationship with Mumba in 2011, in what seemed a reckless romance as the two had barely dated before they began cohabiting.
“We stayed well together for a year and some months, but once his children came home from boarding school, problems and confusion started,” Mwanza said.
The two had no children together although Mumba already had three of his own from a previous marriage.
At the centre of their marital woes seemed to be the fact that Mumba was HIV positive, according to Mwanza, even though he had kept it a secret.
Mwanza said when she confronted Mumba; he denied it and opted to give their relationship a second chance after he met with her family.

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