ZULWU appeals for salary increment

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——-The Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) has appealed to government to consider a pay rise for council workers.

Speaking on behalf of the union, Kasama district ZULAWU chairperson, Pythias Musonda, said the union has been negotiating for salary
increment with government for a long time now but nothing tangible has come out.

Mr Musonda said the union is not happy with the pace at which the negotiations are moving.

He said though government’s minimum pay is K3003.00, some council workers in the district, especially those in Division IV, are even below
the minimum wage as they have been getting as low as K650.00 as their salaries per month.

Mr Musonda revealed that these local authority workers had their last salary increment in August 2012, and to date nothing has been
offered to them by the government.

He noted that the Government has been treating council workers unfairly because it recently awarded salary increments to civil
servants, councillors and traditional leaders but denied council workers an increment.

He further called on the government representatives sitting on the negotiating table to also award the suffering council workers a salary increment as the cost of living is rising.