Hubby refuses to reconcile with wife

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A LUSAKA man has told the Main Local Court that he will not reconcile with his wife of 14 years because she threatened to cut off his manhood.
Appearing before Magistrates Linda Tembo, Esther Mulomba and Esther Mulomba, Canan Lungu, 38, vowed never to reconcile with his wife stating that he would be risking his manhood.
“Leaving with my wife is a risk as she has repeatedly told me that she will cut my manhood so that I stop chasing after other women, so to avoid losing my manhood it is better we go our separate ways,” Canan
told the court.
This was in a case in which Enala Nyirenda aged 35, sued Lungu for marriage reconciliation after he deserted their matrimonial home early this year.
Nyirenda told the court that the two have four children and that problems in the marriage stated in 2006 when the former stopped supporting the family.
She further told the court that Lungu also started having girl friends in 2006 and that it was during the time she started denying him his conjugal rights.
But Lungu in his defense told the court that he deserted his home because his wife never
respected him and used to tell him that he was not a man enough.
He further told the court that he stopped supporting the family on grounds that his wife told him that she could do without him because her family was rich.
He further told the court that he stopped paying rentals because his wife denied him his conjugal rights.
“My wife insults me even in the presence of my children, she tells me that I am not a man enough and denied me my conjugal rights,”he said.
The court failed to reconcile the two.


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