Man arrested for threatening violence against Kasempa DC

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

POLICE have arrested a businessman for allegedly threatening violence against Kasempa district commissioner Victor Kayekesi.
The incident happened on Tuesday between 19:00 hours and 21:00 hours in Kasempa.

North-Western Province deputy commissioner of police Michael Nkaka said in an interview yesterday that the matter was reported to Kasempa Police Station by Mr Kayekesi around 23:50 hours the same night.
Mr Kayekesi reported to police that his life was threatened by Andre Fatteev, 45, a manager of Avarma Mining Limited in Kasempa, over a text message the latter sent to him.
Mr Nkaka, however, could not disclose the contents in the message.
“We had a report of threatening violence in which Mr Victor Kayekesi, the district commissioner for Kasempa, reported to police that his life was threatened through an SMS he received on his cell phone from Andre Fatteev of Russian origin,” he said.
He said a docket of threatening violence was opened and Fatteev appeared in court on Wednesday but did not give plea as he requested for a Russian interpreter and a lawyer.
Mr Nkaka said Fatteev was released on a cash bail of K2,000 and will appear in court next Wednesday.

Zambia Daily Mail