Bad attitude biggest challenge in health sector – Chilufya


HEALTH Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya has appealed to health professionals to admit that they need to change their attitude for them to perform better.
Speaking at the second combined private colleges graduation ceremony for nurses and midwives at Government Complex yesterday, Dr Chilufya said the attitude of personnel is the biggest challenge the country is experiencing in the health sector.

“The biggest problem that we have in the ministry is the attitude towards service by our health practitioners. Zambians have lost confidence in the health staff because of the mistreatment patients receive. I now urge practitioners to admit their wrong-doings and change; this is not time to argue but change for the better,” he said.
Dr Chitalu emphasised the need for health professionals to work with Government in restoring confidence in the public that has been lost due to the negative attitude exhibited by some members of the profession.
He observed that most doctors and nurses working for public institutions have developed a tendency of spending more time at private clinics.
“Our doctors and nurses have gone too far, to the extent of spending very few hours in public hospitals and going to private institutions. We as Government do not want to hear complaints of bad attitude anymore and anyone who will be reported for this sort of behaviour will be disciplined,” Dr Chitalu said.
He urged the 155 graduates to have a positive attitude and deliver to the expectations of the people.

Zambia Daily Mail