Dysentery cases reduce in Chavuma

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—-The sporadic cases of dysentery that were reported in Chikhanji area of Chavuma district of North-western Province have reduced following a series of awareness campaigns conducted in the area.


According to a report from the Public Health Department, the cases of dysentery in Chikhanji have reduced by half.


This came to light today during the District Epidemic Preparedness, Prevention, Management and Control Committee meeting.


The people in Chikhanji area experienced periodic dysentery cases as most of them were drawing drinking water from scoop wells that were contaminated in order to avoid monthly charges they were expected to pay when fetching water from boreholes as well as myths associated with windlasses.


Investigations carried out in the area further revealed that people did like the flat taste the water from boreholes and windlasses have but the Public Health Department sensitised the community on the dangers of drinking contaminated water from scoop well.


The department also distributed chlorine to community members in the affected area in an effort to curb the outbreak.


Meanwhile, Chavuma District Epidemic Preparedness, Prevention, Management and Control Committee Chairperson, Lawrence Kayumba, has urged officers manning the international borders in the district to screen people coming from neighbouring countries.


Mr Kayumba, who is also Chavuma District Commissioner, said the issue to do with the Ebola virus disease should not only be left to those in the health sector and advised security wings in the district to be alert.