— ZICTA intensifies efforts to protect consumers

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ZICTA intensifies efforts to protect consumers

Mpika, August 18TH, 2014,  ZANIS —    The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) Director Support Services Mofya Chisala says the Authority has intensified efforts in regulating mobile service providers to protect consumers.

Mr. Chisala says the Authority is now incorporating the media in raising awareness to the public on consumer rights patterning  to ICT and mobile services.

ZANIS reports that the ZICTA Director Support Services said this at the raising awareness meeting, which was held at Mango Groove Lodge in Mpika district today.

Mr. Chisala said that in the quest to protect consumers ZICTA has embarked on interventions such as awareness campaigns, consumer system management and involvement of the media in disseminating information.

He added that the Authority will soon start running name and shame program in the media and this will see to it that mobile service providers perform their best in terms of quality service delivery.

Mr.Chisala explained that any mobile service providers that will be found wanting will face the wrath of the law and will be published in newspapers to show the public their performance.

Mr. Chisala however, expressed concern over the use of the internet and social media by children that exposes them to bad vices.

To protect children rights on social media, he said the Authority was encouraging parents to monitor their children’s use of internet.

And Cyber Security Specialist Officer Nawa Samatebele says cyber crime is on the increase because there are more cyber criminals than cyber cops.

Mr. Samatebele added that consumers should take great precaution on protecting their divides so as not to become victims of cyber crime.

Speaking in a vote of thanks on behalf other media practitioners, Isoka District Information Officer Freddy Phiri thanked ZICTA for incorporating the media in the raising awareness campaign.


He said that the media being the main tool of disseminating information will do its best to make sure that the people of Zambia are aware of their consumer rights.