— ZAWA kills vicious Hippos in Kalabo District

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ZAWA kills vicious Hippos in Kalabo District

Mongu, August 18TH, 2014-ZANIS—Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has cropped a vicious Hippo in Kalabo District of Western Province that was terrorizing people in the area.

ZAWA warden officer Jarton Shawa has confirmed the development in an interview in Mongu District, today.


Mr. Shawa said the beast was gunned down by ZAWA officers on the 14th August, 2014 at Tapo area.


He said the beast was living in solitary and became so aggressive to the people especially to those that were using water ways in the Zambezi flood plain.

The ZAWA Officer further noted that the lives s of the people and fish mongers was at stake by the presence of the mammal.

Early this year ZAWA Officers killed another Hippo in Senanga district after it attacked a 16 year old boy when crossing the Zambezi River.