Law coming to restrict importation of used vehicles

Used Japanese Vehicle Imports
Used Japanese Vehicle Imports

The Road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA- has constituted a committee to draft a law aimed at  restricting the age of imported motor vehicles.

RTSA will however not ban importation of motor vehicles require that motor vehicles brought into Zambia have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

The committee constituted includes various interest groups among them, the Zambia Bureau of Standards which will check on the standards of imported motor vehicles.

The Agency has also extended the consultations to importers of both brand new and second hand vehicles.

RTSA Acting Public Relations Manager Fred Mubanga has told ZNBC News that the proposal will be taken to Cabinet for consideration and policy guidance.



  1. jst make it simple the older the car the more tax u pay the more recent the model the less tax u pay simple. that will regulate the age limits unlike what u planning