— Rufunsa poised for development – Muwana

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Rufunsa poised for development – Muwana

Rufunsa,   August 17, 2014, ZANIS—- Government says Rufunsa District is poised for both social and economic development following the release of funds by government to the district.

And Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has implored public service workers to emulate President Michael Sata’s work ethos in order to realised meaningful development.

Meanwhile, residents in the area have praised government for taking development to the area.

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Wamunyima Muwana says government has released additional funds to accelerate infrastructure development and other social amenities in the district.

Mr. Muwana says that from the time President Michael Sata declared Rufunsa as a  district in August 2012, a lot of work has been undertaken to ensure that the area to attain its status.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this in an interview during his tour yesterday in the District.

"When an area is given a district status, a lot of things need to be put in place like infrastructure, human capital and funds to effectively run the district, “ he said.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary outlined some of the ongoing major developmental projects such as the initial construction of 10 medium cost houses, construction of Zesco Sub-Station and other major infrastructural projects.

"We have also upgraded two primary schools namely, Chinyunyu and Mpanshya into fully fledged secondary schools", he explained.

Mr. Muwana pointed out that soon government is going to award contracts for the construction of the District Administration Offices and Staff houses,District Hospital,Police Station,Post Office and other social amenities.

He further-pointed out that government will also ensure that the social sector is improved in order to better the lives of Zambians.

Mr. Muwana hailed the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) for grading feeder roads and opening up of new roads aimed at enhancing food production and economical activities in the district.

"People have a wrong notion that a government department like the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) cannot do remarkable works.


“  But you have seen that the Unit is on the ground doing road works aimed at opening the district to food production and other economic activities", he said.

And Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has implored public service workers to emulate and embrace President Michael Sata’s work culture if meaningful development is to be attained.

Mr. Nundwe said in a separate interview with ZANIS yesterday that President Sata is a dedicated and hardworking person who public service workers should emulate if the country is to sustain the pace of ongoing developmental projects.

"President Michael Chilufya Sata is a pragmatic and dedicated worker whose only interest is to see Zambia be transformed into a modern state, “  he explained.

He implored public service workers in the Province to be committed and dedicated to duty in order to provide quality public service to all Zambians.

Mr. Nundwe urged citizens to embrace ongoing developmental projects by government if the current momentum is to be sustained.

Meanwhile, residents in the district have praised government for taking development to their area.

Speaking on his colleagues’ behalf, Mr. Kebby Malumbe said it was commendable that the PF government has taken development to the area.

Mr. Malumbe said over the last two years,the area has since unprecedented development especially in the social sector.

He noted that if ongoing developmental projects will be completed on schedule, Rufunsa will soon attain its new status of a district.

President Michael Sata created Rufunsa District in August 2012 to improve service delivery to the area.

Shibuyunji, Chilanga and Chirundu are the other districts President Michael Sata created in Lusaka Province.