Zambian students earn scholarships

World Wide Scholarships Zambia
World Wide Scholarships Zambia

Students leave on university scholarships and university placements:

High school students from Zambia have just received scholarships to universities in the USA through World Wide Scholarships Zambia. The students are from an array of activities some straight academic students and some will leave soon on various sporting opportunities.

World Wide Scholarships Zambia has just finished a university tour of schools in Zambia and soon after this many students will now leave on international university opportunities and scholarships.

Comments from student Elizabeth Rumsey of LICS school: she has currently left for Midwestern State University on a partial scholarship covering 50% of her fees.

“Thank you so much WWS for all your work my dream is now come true”.

Other students include:

Mulando Njeleka – graduated from a full athletics scholarship to Oral Roberts University in the USA

Carol Nanyangwe – set to leave in August as well to Mid Western State University

Neria Nanyangwe – set to leave in August as well to Mid Western State University

Simon Adhanom – set to leave in January on a soccer scholarship

Elizabeth Rumsey – set to leave in August as well to Mid Western State University

Comments from World Wide Scholarship Zambia director Dr Dorine:

“It is important to know that we are excited to see our first batch of students from the new Zambia branch as it is common for people to be skeptical if something new. Many more students are ready to go in January and we are fond of the students in Zambia as they are well educated meaning there are many opportunities they can access through our network. Students and parents must know this is not magic there is a part to be played by us and the students but once we all work together we will all be happy and the students will reach their goals and parents will be proud.”

“As World Wide Scholarships we will continue to scout sporting talent and link them as we have in other countries and in Zambia where hundreds of students have benefited through the programme to many international nations namely (USA,UK,CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, CHINA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, UKRAINE).”

World wide scholarships group has been functional for 12 years and has a mission of empowering talent Africa. Later this month the South Africa branch will be running a scouting trials event in soccer in conjunction with Premier Football UK a world leading UK soccer development firm. Players will be scouted from ages 9 to 20 years old. Recently last month one 11 year old player has been linked with a contract with Manchester a City through the groups vast network of relationships. Interested talented players from Zambia should contact World Wide Scholarships Zambia for more details.

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