Scott advises Mangango electorate to vote wisely for development in their area

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Scott advises Mangango electorate to vote wisely for development in their area 


Kaoma, Aug 15/14 ZANIS——Vice President, Guy Scott, has told the people of Mangango to exercise their right to vote in the fourth coming Parliamentary by-elections.


And Dr Scott has since instructed the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to send a team of Zambia National Service (ZNS) officers to assess Namimbwe Swamp and commence the construction of a bridge on Namimbwe stream.


Dr Scott, who has conducted a series of rallies ahead of the August 19 polls, has noted that voting is cardinal in any developing nation.


He has urged the electorate of Mangango Constituency to cast their votes wisely in order to bring development in the area.


The Vice President said Government is working at improving the lives of the people by ensuring access to quality goods and services.


Earlier, Sub chief Lyenzi Kakumbi of the Nkoya speaking people took advantage of the Vice President’s presence in the area to offload the challenges that the people in his chiefdom are facing.


The sub-chief said people are in need of a bridge on the Namimbwe stream.


He said that the stream is impassable especially in the rainy season, a development that cuts the chiefdom from surrounding areas.


Sub Chief Lyenzi Kakumbi stated that he was humbled by the Vice President’s gesture, stating that he is the first Vice President to have ever visited the area.