Mangango : ADD confident of scooping Mangango – Milupi

Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi
Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi

Alliance for Development and Democracy ADD President Charles Milupi says he is sure that his party’s candidate Naluwa Mwene will scoop the Mangango Parliamentary seat whose election is set for 19th August, 2014.

Milupi said once elected the party will improve infrastructure in Mangango area.

He stressed that its party candidate is the most qualified for the job because he has a good command of English language and has abilities to articulate issues.

Milupi further adds that it will be disastrous to send someone to parliament who is going to fail to debate with other parliamentarians.

The ADD leader is convinced that Mwene stands a better chance to solicit for development than any other candidate contesting the seat.

Meanwhile, 4th Revolution Party candidate Mukumbuta Kabuyana is disappointed with his party’s failure to support him with morally and logistically in the Mangango by election.

Kabuyana says everything has been left to him alone making his campaigns challenging.

He notes despite him being the best candidate for the seat he is unable to reach all areas of the constituency because of lack of transport.

Kabuyana adds that even at the time of filing nominations, he was forced file as an independent because his party symbol was not in the ECZ system.

Though not on the ground, he is optimistic that he will amass the much needed votes to take him to parliament because of his unquestionable popularity in Mangango constituency.


T.M. Lusaka Voice