— Increased GBV cases need urgent attention – NGO CC

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Increased GBV cases need urgent attention – NGO CC


Livingstone, August 15TH,  2014, ZANIS — Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a national concern that needs urgent attention following the increase in the number cases reported.



NGOCC Liaison Officer for Southern and Western Province, Faith Simukoko said her organization had committed itself to increase awareness programmes of GBV following an increase in the number of cases reported, in a bid to curb the vice.



ZANIS reports that Ms Simukoko said this in an interview in Livingstone today.



She said the increase in GBV cases was a source of concern adding that her organisation was prompted to embark on sensitisation programmes in collaboration with the key stakeholders such as the Victim support unit and Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) to urge culprits to desist from the vice.



“The main focus for the community sensitization programmes will be on early marriages,” she said.



Ms Simukoko also noted that cases had been reported of women indulging in alcohol abuse and becoming violent towards their spouses.



To that effect, she urged men to come out in the open and not shy away from reporting cases of GBV when victimised.



She further explained that parents had also been targeted to ensure they guided their children well when raising them since they perpetrated early marriages.



“If parents can be educated and given the information they will be able to guide their children and discourage them from various vices such as early marriages,” she said.



Meanwhile, Ms Simukoko said her organisation was looking at the aspect of targeting both spouses to ensure communication channels in homes were enhanced to reduce domestic violence.



She also called for the formation of a fast track court to handle gender based violence cases.



“If we have a fast track court for instance for gender based violence cases such as defilement, cases will be disposed off quickly, “she explained.



She added that the challenge has been the slow pace at which cases are disposed off in the regular courts of law from the time the client reports the matter.



Ms Simukoko highlighted the incapacity of law enforcement officers and lack of follow ups as major challenges in fighting GBV.



She urged government to look into such issues as the fight against GBV needed a holistic approach as sensitisation alone was not enough.