Prof Ndulo says people want inclusive constitution

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—-Renowned lawyer, Muna Ndulo, says Zambian people want an inclusive constitution that is going to stand a test of time.

Prof Ndulo said it is unfortunate that government has delayed to come up with a constitution which citizens have been yearning for so many years.

He said this yesterday during a Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) discussion forum at Southern Sun hotel in Lusaka.

Prof Ndulo also said the referendum is the best way of coming up with a nation constitution which is on-going to respect the wishes of the Zambian people.

Speaking at the same forum, Civil Society Organisation (CSO) activist, Chipo Nkhata, noted that NGO’s in the country have played a pivotal role in coming up with a draft constitution that has since stalled.

Ms Nkhata also urged NGO’s to educate the Zambian masses about the National Constitution which the government is trying to come up with.

Ms Nkhata also stated that NGO’s also play a leading role in providing checks and balances to the government.

She noted that Zambians are also failing to appreciate the constitution making process because of lack of information on the same.

Meanwhile, veteran Journalist, Kellies Kaunda, urged journalist in Zambia to read widely in order to be able to report adequately on the constitution-making process.

Mr Kaunda said journalists have a tendency of exhibiting shallow type of reporting, a situation he said should be a thing of the past.