Govt urged to sensitize prisoners on Ebola

zambian Prison
zambian Prison

Prisons Care and Counseling Association (PRISCCA) has urged government to come up sensitization programmes for Prisons officers on symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.

PRISCCA Executive Director Geoffrey Malembeka says this is in view of the fact that some illegal immigrants from different countries are detained in various prisons.

Mr. Malembeka says it is important that prisons officers have some knowledge of the deadly disease which has hit West Africa claiming over one thousand lives.

Mr. Malembeka notes that with the crackdown on illegal immigrants government has embarked on through the ministry of Home Affairs, it is important that screening is also done in prisons considering that these people are potential carriers of the disease as most of them come from west African countries.

He says no institution should be left out when it comes to sensitization and screening for Ebola for the sake of preventing the disease.

Mr Malembeka has however commended government for the measures it has taken so far in response to the outbreak of the disease in West Africa.
( Thursday 14th August 2014 )