Govt on course to decentralisation – Siwakwi

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—-Local Government and Housing Director of the Decentralisation Secretariat, Alfred Sakwiya, says there is no inertia on the part of government towards the implementation of the Decentralisation Policy as has been suggested by certain quarters of society.

Mr Sakwiya stated that government has made tremendous progress in implementing the policy and that come 2015, central government will commence the devolution of powers to the districts.

He said this is a historic achievement taking into account that certain countries like Japan took about 200 years to implement the policy.

The Director of the Decentralisation Secretariat stated that if the policy is implemented next year, the country will have done the process in ten years.

He was speaking during meetings to sensitise communities on the Decentralisation Policy and how local government systems are contributing to enhancing the welfare of citizens across the country.

Mr Sakwiya said ddecentralisation will definitely play a critical role in propelling local authorities’ capacity to provide quality services to the citizenry.

He has since called on the citizenry, especially the youth, to take keen interest in the governance issues in the country for them to participate in the nation’s development process.