‘The devil made me defile two girls’

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A 52-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka has told the Supreme Court that it was the work of the devil that made him to defile two girls.

This is in a case in which Moses Lwinya appealed to the Supreme Court against the 20-year jail sentence slapped on him by the Lusaka High Court on November 20 last year for two counts of defilement.
Lwinya, who abandoned his appeal, told Supreme Court judges Gregory Phiri, Florence Lengalenga and Elizebeth Muyovwe sitting in Kabwe on Tuesday that he did not know what he was doing when he defiled the children.
This was after Mr Justice Phiri asked Lwinya what led him to defile the girls and he responded that it was the work of the devil.
“I saw these girls passing and I called them to help me with the cooking and they obliged,” Lwinya said.
Mr Justice Phiri dismissed the appeal and informed Lwinya that he will continue serving his 20-year sentence.
And in another case before the same court, a 20-year-old man said he was under the influence of marijuana when he defiled a three-year-year girl.
Chilando Musonda also instructed his lawyers to abandon his appeal and urged the Supreme Court to dismiss it.
When Mr Justice Phiri asked him what he saw in a three-year-old girl, Musonda responded that he was under the influence of marijuana.
“I did not know what I was doing. it was the work of the devil that led me into defiling the girl,” Musonda said.
The Lusaka High Court slapped a 25-year jail sentence with hard labour on Musonda on November 20 last year
The Supreme Court dismissed Musonda’s appeal.