Farmers urged to reserve house-hold maize

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Kawambwa district commissioner Ivor Mpasa has advised small scale farmers in the area to reserve maize for home consumption.

Mr Mpasa urged the farmers not to sell all their harvest to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Mr Mpasa says the food reserve programme should start at the household level because this would  help fight hunger.

Mr Mpasa was speaking in Kawambwa at Mumpisa village recently during the Kawambwa district Small Scale Farmers Association (KDSSFA) annual general meeting.

The DC says the farmers should practice food reserve by storing some maize at the household level rather than selling everything to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Mr Mpasa noted that it was surprising and worrying to find that most farmers in the area have the habit of selling all their maize saying this was contributing to hunger and suffering at the household level.

He has advised farmers to ensure they reserve maize at the household level while the FRA was there to do so at national level to enhance food security in the country.

The KDSSFA annual general meeting was also attended by the Zambia National Farmers Union

(ZNFU) Director Richard Lisimba and Luapula regional manager Moses Tawila.