MMD has reached stable point – Nevers Mumba


MOVEMENT for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba says his party has reached its stabilisation point despite having lost the 2011 elections.

Dr Mumba said this during Lusaka’s Hot FM’s Red Hot Breakfast Show yesterday.
“Every political analyst understands that after a political party loses power, you have a mixed pot of emotions, expectations, anxieties, and that in the first two years is the most critical, we call that the intensive care unit,” Dr Mumba said.
He further said that Zambians voted out the MMD because of what he termed ‘a probable arrogance of power’.
Dr Mumba also disagreed with calls to reduce the presidential and parliamentary age limits to 18.
He was reacting to a submission to the Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission by Sishuwa Sishuwa, a University of Oxford scholar.
“I think we need to be a little more realistic, there are certain aspects that are not fully developed in terms of somebody becoming a president at 18,” Dr Mumba said.
“I am not saying they cannot be. In the old kingdoms, people would become kings at seven years old. They were surrounded by elders that ruled through them. But it may not be the same in a democracy, there are certain expectations,” he said.
According to Zambia’s current constitution, the legal age for one to qualify as a presidential candidate is 35 and 21 for one to stand as a Member of Parliament .
The current constitution further states that one needs to attain the age of 18 to be a registered voter.
Dr Mumba also said he is politically active because of maturity despite saying that he has no presidential ambitions on ZNBC’s Frank Talk show years ago.
“The best part of life is what we call growth and anybody who doesn’t change his views about issues as he develops and grows is dead,” he said.
“I think that any person who doesn’t change his mind about certain things he believed before, is not growing.”



Zambia Daily Mail