Magande calls on Scott to explain US-Africa summit’s benefits for Zambia

US-Africa summit
US-Africa summit
The opposition National Movement for Progress (NMP) has called on Vice president Guy Scott to tell nation what sort of benefit Zambia has accrued from the US-Africa summit which he attended in Washington DC last week.

NMP president Ng’andu Magande says people would like to know the impact that this first ever US-Africa summit which US president Barack Obama, will have on Zambia.

Mr. Magande, who is also former Finance Minister, has told Qfm news in an interview that he is wondering why the country is not being availed with what the US-Africa summit brought out as he has already observed that in East Africa where he had been visiting recently the summit had been the top discussion.

He says this is why he thinks it is important for Dr. Scott who represented Zambia at the summit to give a substantive statement of how he expects that Zambia will benefit from the summit.

The opposition leader says this is because the US-Africa was an important meeting in which even the US president pledged hundreds of millions of dollars for support to Africa.

He says Dr. Scott should also tell the nation how and which of the three center countries Zambia will be hooked to access the pledged US support to Africa amongst Kenya, Nigeria and South African.

( Sunday 10th August 2014 )