— Archbishop Chama appeals for upgrading of primary schools in Luwingu District

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Archbishop Chama appeals for upgrading of primary schools in Luwingu District


Luwingu, 11thAugust 2014- ZANIS – Kasama diocese Archbishop Ignatius Chama has appealed to the ministry of education to consider upgrading primary schools to a secondary school level.



The clergy man said this will enable many children access secondary school education as opposed to the current scenario where children are been forced into early marriages.



Archbishop Chama said the upgrading of Ipusukilo primary schools into secondary school level will enable the surrounding the school to stop marrying off their children at the tender age.



He said parents were marrying off their children because they were failing to raise enough money to pay school fees, transport and other logistics as the secondary schools were found in district centers in the province.



He said this during the commemoration of 100 years anniversary of sacred heart-Ipusukilo parish in Luwingu district of the northern province of the laying of the foundation stone was held in 1914.



He said as the country will be commemorating 50 years of independence later in October this year the community should demand for Ipusukilo primary school to be upgraded to a secondary school.



Archbishop Chama said as long as secondary schools are found very far the issue of early marriages will not be contained because many parents who are peasant farmers would not manage to raise school fees, transport and logistics.



He also encourage parishioners to build upon their faith in Christ Jesus as the congregation was celebrate 100 years anniversary of sacred heart-Ipusukilo parish which about 15km from the district administration.



The  church was established in Ipusukilo on 10thAugust 1914 by the Roman Catholic missionaries and later built a school and health center to service the community in that area.



It later expanded to become St Peter, in chief chipalo, Nsombo parish in chief Chabula and Luwena Mission in senior chief Shimumbi all of Luwingu district.