WVI distributes goats in Luampa

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—World Vision Zambia, through the assistance from Australian government, has distributed 200 goats to underprivileged families in Luampa district in Western Province.

About 40 families in Luampa district have benefited from the goats distribution programme.

World Vision Zambia Manager, Kayawe Nkumbwa, said his organisation will continue working with the community in order to promote self-sustainability and food security.

Mr Nkumbwa said at the end of the programme 2000 goats will be
distributed to the communities in Luampa district.

And World Vision Special Adviser on Food Security, Brian Hilton, said Luampa has a good environment for goat keeping and he is certain that beneficiaries will be able to take care of the animals.

Mr Hilton advised the community to desist from elicit activities such as beer drinking in order to fight poverty in their homes.

He observed that beer drinking is a major contributing factor to poverty in many African countries.

Meanwhile, Luampa District Administrative Officer, Ernest Mwanangombe, advised beneficiaries to look after the goats as it is sources of wealth.

"We are grateful to World Vision for empowering our community with these animals as they assist benefiting families in many ways," Mr Mwanangombe said.

He said the PF government has maintained a cordial relationship with Non-Governmental Organisations like World Vision in order to uplift living standards in the country.