Luanshya police warn pirate taxi drivers

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Police in Luanshya says it will not relent in its mandate to maintain law and order on the roads in district despite public allegations that Road Traffic Police officers were harassing motorists.

Some taxi drivers who sort anonymity have threatened to wage war against the police if the law enforces do not stop chasing traffic offenders, saying the situation has led to a number of fatal accidents.

The drivers said they have written to the police demanding the movement of some traffic officers from the district failure to which the drivers would move up against the police among other demands.

But Copperbelt Province Police Commanding Officer, Joyce Kasosa told ZANIS in Luanshya that her office had not received the letter saying Police would not condone lawlessness on public roads by allowing people to operate motor vehicles on the streets without legal documentation.

Ms. Kasosa noted that police was only carrying out its mandate and would not be deterred, questioning why drivers should speed off when approached by law enforcers, which she said was a sign of lawlessness.

She has urged aggrieved members of the public to seek audience with the police and air their grievances so that the matter can be put to rest amicably.

The Copperbelt Commanding Officer stated that police has the right to safeguard the lives of all road users who included pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and would not allow anarchy on government roads.

She added that pirate drivers were not only committing an injustice to other road users but also depriving government of the much needed tax from motor vehicle registrations and road tax among others which was meant for improving the status of the roads, hospitals and other infrastructural development.

Meanwhile, Luanshya Buses and Taxis Association Vice Chairperson, Sydney Chewe bemoaned the recklessness shown by most pirate taxi drivers on the road.

Mr. Chewe has appealed to all stakeholders in the district to partner with law enforcers which include the traffic police, council police and the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) in creating sanity on the once peaceful roads.

He noted with sadness that some people have resorted to threatening law enforcers instead of abiding with the law, saying some call-boys were misinterpreting the Patriotic Front Slogan of putting more money in people’s pockets by disregarding the law.

He noted that his association was working with law enforcers by setting camps on strategic points kwon to be used by pirate taxis, but that they were limited in their operations as they have no right to arrest the perpetrators.

Police have intensified their traffic patrols in the district following an influx of pirate and unregistered taxi drivers on the streets, situation which has angered most pirate taxi drivers who do not want to cooperate and abide by traffic laws.


  1. The behaviour of th cops has indeed led to several deaths and th officers speed off from th scene!Find a solution to this pirat-Popo mischief as it is not gud cos even th piraters r really a nuisance,parkin in th middle of roads en breakin anyhow!