ZNBC accused of collecting TV levy without service

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ZNBC accused of collecting TV levy without service

Choma, August 8, 2014, ZANIS…. Some Batoka residents in the Southern province have complained that they feel robbed by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in the form of paying TV levy .

The residents say they have continued to pay TV Levy despite the area not receiving television signal for the past six months.

Batoka Market Chairperson George Sililo explained that the area has had no TV signal for a long time but  that people were still forced to pay K3.00 TV levy.

“We have continued to pay TV levy for the past six months but we have no ZNBC signals here and we are left out in national issues especially here in Batoka especially that we have a local by-election next week,” said Mr. Sililo.

“I would say they are stealing from us because we have continued to pay our TV levies each time we buy electricity units”.

He said it was unfair for the national broadcaster to continue collecting K3.00 monthly levy from poor people yet fail to offer the television service.

But when contacted for a comment, ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager Masuzyo Ndhovu said the Corporation was making frantic efforts to restore the T.V transmitter at Pemba which was gutted by fire last month.