Govt working hard to bail out TAZARA – Mukanga

TAZARA Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority
TAZARA Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority
Transport, Communications, Works and Supply Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga says government is doing all it can to bail out the cash strapped TAZARA so that it pays workers salary arrears this week.

Mr. Mukanga has however told Qfm in an interview that it not right for workers of any institution which is not making any profit to go on strike and demand for payment of salaries.

Mr. Mukanga says TAZARA Management and the Board should come up with a proper plan to ensure that they turn around Railway Company for it to become profitable.

He notes that once the company starts to generate profit it will be able to pay workers their salaries, as opposed to government continuing pumping in money to sustain its operation without any returns.

Mr Mukanga states that government has other issues to attend to, hence the need for TAZARA to urgently find ways of sustaining its operations and stop depending on government.

Mr. Mukanga adds that there is need for the two governments of Tanzania and Zambia to relook at the operations of TAZARA and see how best company can be run.

QFM News Zambia


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