Contractors in Mkushi involved in HIV/AIDS sensitisation

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–Mkushi District Aids Co-ordination Adviser (DACA), Nyambe Kamungoma, has disclosed that capital project constructors have responded positively towards helping with the HIV/AIDS awareness programs in the district.


Mr Kamungoma confirmed the development to ZANIS today, adding that Karen Motors Contraction Company had committed to be financing at least K5,000 towards the HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.


He explained that the sensitization is in two folds, saying the first one is for the workforce and the other for the residents in the communities where the workers are operating.


He also added that apart from the sensitization programs, the workers and residents were being given information on HIV testing, male circumcision and also condoms were being given to them.


Mr Kamungoma also mentioned that plans to enhance the sensitization such as radio programmes were underway.


Early this year, Keren Motors Limited was awarded a contract to tar 20.02 km of roads within Mkushi Township.