Chibombo intensifies cleaning exercise

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Chibombo intensifies cleaning exercise

Chibombo, August 7, 2014, ZANIS – Chibombo District Council has embarked on a ‘Keep Clean’ campaign in the area .

The exercise includes intensified cleaning at the major trading places  as part of the activities to mark the Local Government Week being observed from 3rd to 10th August, 2014.

A check by ZANIS at Chibombo road-side market found a team of council workers led by the Deputy Council Secretary Costa Mutandi sweeping and collecting garbage.

The council workers also conducted general cleaning exercises at the famous John Chinena and Liteta markets .

And Mr Mutandi told ZANIS that the intensified cleaning of the markets by the council staff is part of the local government week which is aimed at raising public awareness on the services that the local authority is mandated to provide.

He further said the council is taking advantage of the week to sensitize the public on other services that the local authority offers.

Mr Mutandi said the council has also organized exhibitions at the Council Chamber where municipal services are being demonstrated to the members of the public.

He has since called on the people in the district to take interest by visiting the council chamber and be able to acquaint themselves with some of the municipal services that are being exhibited.

Meanwhile, some traders and residents talked to by ZANIS in a random interview at the road-side market, Mukuni and Chabota townships expressed little knowledge about the services offered by the council.

One of the traders Mary Champo said she the only service is knows is that the council exists to collect levies from the traders at the markets.

And Elias Phiri, a resident of Mukuni township also expressed ignorance about the services offered by the council in the district.

The Local Government Week started on August 3 and will end on Saturday, August 9, 2014.

The week is preceding a continental commemoration of the African Day for Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development  on August 10  to be celebrated under the theme ‘Taking Local Government Closer to the people.’