MMD advises defectors to defect on principle

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Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD) National Secretary Muhabi Lungu has advised party Members crossing over to join the opposition United Party for National Development(UPND) to do so on principle.

Mr Lungu said the former ruling party cannot put measures to stop its members from crossing to the UPND because that was their own choice to do so.

He however said members should remember that political parties are just like a club where people fight for support and political office.

He stated that those parties enticing members from other parties to join them are using their own strategy but vowed that the MMD will not use underhand methods to recruit members for political survival.

Mr Lungu wished those poaching members from other parties well in their political adventures.

The National Secretary recently said his party believes the opposition UPND considers the MMD as a threat in the 2016 general elections.

Mr Lungu said this is the more reason why the UPND has been busy poaching MMD members with a view of weakening the former ruling party.