RDA opens Kaputa’s Kamusenga bridge

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The Road Development Agency (RDA) has finally opened up the newly constructed Kamusenga bridge in Kaputa district to the public.

Kaputa District Administrative Officer Alick Kampamba said the bridge was opened up over the weekend and that vehicles have now started passing through it.

ZANIS in Kaputa reports that the opening up of the bridge comes a week after the district commissioner Chrispine Kachusha lashed out at the Agency for the slow pace of construction works.

The bridge which is an important link between Kaputa and Nsama districts was washed away in March this year restricting movement of people, goods and services between the two districts.

But Mr. Kampamba who was giving a briefing to officers in the department today said the bridge is now ready for use.

He said what has remained is now is for the RDA to complete all formal works and officially handover the infrastructure to government.

And Mr Kampamba said the RDA will within this week start working on the culverts on Mwawe river which were also washed away by the rains during the just ended rain season.

And Munkonge ward Councilor, Jameson Musawa has told ZANIS in a telephone interview from Nsama district that the public had advised the RDA to open up the road as they work on other things like leveling the grounds.

Mr. Musawa said the development has cheered the people of Munkonge and Kaputa as a whole as they are now crossing the bridge to either side.

He said the RDA will also continue working on some works as they await for the official handover.

Mr. Musawa who was elated at the development says it was better for the RDA to open up the place than wait for the full completion which could have taken a long time.