Absenteeism worries sch authorities

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Absenteeism worries sch authorities

Milenge, August 5, 2014, ZANIS —— Changwe Lungo primary school authorities in Milenge district are  worried at the high levels of absenteeism among pupils at the learning institution.

School Head Tacher Moses Kawama says it was worrying that most pupils at the school do not report for classes and wandered how the area will develop if parents are not encouraging their children to learn.

Mr Kawama told ZANIS in Kawambwa today that although children move long distances to go school their  was need by the parents to encourage their children to report for class.

He added that poor class attendance encouraged by parents  has contributed to many girls to enter into child marriages as most of them are left with nothing to do if they are not at school.

He emphasized that the issue of child marriages and absenteeism was of great concern adding that parents should be sensitized on the importance of educating their children.

Mr Kawama has since appealed to government to consider increasing further the number of beneficiaries in the social cash transfer system in the district.

He said the move will enable most parents to send their children for further education because  currently most of them just end up at primary school level.