— Govt. commended for empowering ex- female prisoners

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—-A Non-governmental organization dealing in the plight of female ex-prisoners has implored the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) to set aside funds that will go towards the empowering of rehabilitated female prisoners.


Prisoner Reintegration and Empowerment Organization (PREO) Director General Derrick Malumo says the gesture by government through CEEC is commendable.


Mr. Malumo however complained that most prisoners fall to utilize the skills they acquire in prison while serving their sentence due to lack of capital.


He  said both female and male ex prisoners have the potential to run their own business ventures if they are economically empowered.


ZANIS reports that the PREO Director general said this in an exclusive interview, in Lusaka today.


He explained that most ex-prisons fail to be reintegrated in the community because of stigma from the general public.


The PREO Director General hinted that stigmatization by the general public has prompted most ex female prisoners to engage in prostitution to earn  a living.


Mr Malumo said the skills acquired by prisoners while serving in prison can change their lives if they are empowered economically.


He cited agriculture as one of the key areas government can engage the ex-prisoners by giving them pieces of land.


Mr Malumo said empowerment funds from CEEC will act as a deterrent for ex-prisoners to engage in ill vices as they will the finance to start their business.