— Luanshya Cab driver fined K 800 for traffic offences

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Luasnshya magistrate’s court has ordered a taxi driver of Luanshya to pay a fine of K800 or three months simple imprisonment for contravening Road Traffic laws.


Appearing before Luanshya magistrate Edward Banda, 23 year old Andrew Musale of Ndeke Township in Luanshya, whose driver’s license suspended for a period of six months, stood charged with seven counts of breaking traffic rules contrary to the Roads and Road Traffic Act of 2005 amended in 2011.



Particulars of the offence were that on 23rdAugust 2014 in Luanshya, around 15:00hours along Buntungwa Avenue at ZANACO, the accused, driving a Toyota Corolla registration number ACT 2563 did park and obstruct traffic as it was neither a bus stop nor a bus station.



Charges lay before him were that in count one Banda did obstruct traffic on Broadway road; the second count, the suspect did disobey traffic officers in uniform; third count he was charged for dangerous driving.



In the fourth count Banda is charged with driving an unlicensed motor vehicle; fifth count was that of driving without a test certificate; the sixth count was that of driving uninsured vehicle and seventh count was that of using a private motor vehicle as public service vehicles thereby endangering passengers’ lives as well as that of pedestrians’.



The accused however pleaded guilty to counts 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and pleaded not guilty to counts two and three.


He pleaded with the court to exercise lenience as he was a first offender and did not know that his actions were in contravention with the law.


But in his judgment, Magistrate Banda observed that it was a notorious fact that breaking of Road traffic laws by both pirate and taxi drivers was rampant in the district as evidence by the increase of cases brought before court.

He regretted that the vice, which was visible to everyone on the roads in the district, was not only dangerous to taxi drivers alone but also to other road users who may be observing traffic laws.



The matter was adjourned to 18th August for commencement of trail on counts two and three which are disobeying police officers in uniform and dangerous driving respectively.



And in another development a 34 year old man of house number 36D Walale Township in Luanshya has been sentenced to six months institutional imprisonment for stock theft contrary to section 275 cap 2 chapter 87 0f the laws of Zambia.



Facts before court were that the Joseph Musonda on 23rd August stole a goat valued at K400 from a farm belonging to Harriet Kapembwa.



The accused, who pleaded guilty in the matter told court that he stole the goat, slaughtered it and sold the meat to various bars in his township as he did not have any other means of proving for his three children.



In passing Judgment, Magistrate Banda advised the accused that he cannot afford to provide for his children using criminal activities and that he should find something constructive to do when he is released from prison.



Meanwhile, Magistrate Band sentenced William Chewe 333, of Section 2 Roan Township to four months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing 5 by 50 kilograms bags of maize valued at K560.



Particulars of the offence were that the accused on 31st august stole 5 by 50kg bags of maize belonging to melody Chanda of the same township.



Facts before the court were that Chanda on 30thAugust 2014 went to sleep leaving everything well secured and that when she woke up around 06:00 hours the following day she found that her 5 bags of maize which were stacked outside were missing.



Upon inquiry from her neighbours, father to the accused informed the complaint Chanda that the accused had 5 by 50 kg bags of maize which he was selling.


The complainant later reported the case to the police were she valued the maize at K506, upon police investigation, three bags were recovered and returned to the owner.