— 6000 benefit from govt’s EFSP programme in Itezh-tezhi district

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6000 benefit from govt’s EFSP programme in Itezh-tezhi district

Itezhi Tezhi August 2, 2014, ZANIS —  Government  says it is committed to developing the country in an equitable manner .


Community Development, Mother and Child Minister Emerine Kabanshi  says it is for this reason that  government has priotised its  infrastructure development  programmes to all parts of the country in line with the PF manifesto.


Ms. Kabanshi says the massive infrastructure development  taking place in  most parts of the country was a clear testimony of the government’s commitment to reduce poverty , countrywide.


ZANIS reports that the minister said she launched the newly completed office block for community development and social welfare departments in Itezhi Tezhi district, yesterday.


And  Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament Greyford Monde says  people of Itezhi Tezhi  district were supportive of all government supported development programme.


He said that the construction of the office block, which started as a self-help programme before government fully funded, was a clear testimony of Itezhi Tezhi people’s resolve to support government programmes.


Mr. Monde said that he was delighted that during Ms Kabanshi’s tenure as Local government minister, chronic water problems that faced the district for many years were improved.


“This district has history of chronic water problems but during your tenure at Ministry of local Government and Housing , we saw the water problems solved and today we have water everywhere’ Mr. Monde said.


He said Itezhi Tezhi district was benefitting from massive infrastructure development such construction of the modern market and bus station and construction of the D769 road among others.


And Itezhi Tezhi district commissioner George Sichula has appealed to community development mother and child health minister to increase the number of women clubs being funded in the district.


Mr. Sichula said that out of 279 registered women’s clubs dotted across the district, only one club was funded adding that this was demoralizing for women in the district.


Meanwhile, six thousand (6,000) people in Itezhi tezhi district have benefitted from the Expanded Food Security Pack (EFSP) program being implemented by ministry of community Development, Mother and Child health.


Speaking at the same meeting in Itezhi Tezhi yesterday , Ms Kabanshi says  the EFSP was a serious and innovative programme which provides vulnerable small scale farmers in the district with free farm inputs and social cash support.


“This innovative EFSP program has seen more than 6,000 poor but viable rural people benefitting from the project. “She said.


The programme is financially supported by the Norwegian government.


Ms Kabanshi also said that 3,166 poor people in Itezhi Tezhi district are benefitting from the government’s robust social cash transfer scheme which was rolled out to Itezhi Tezhi this year.