Mufumbwe youth center holds inaugural graduation

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Thirty-nine students have graduated in various trades from Mufumbwe Youth Skills training in North western province.

The students graduated with certificates in tailoring and designing, carpentry, joinery, and power electrical.

The graduation ceremony was the first for the centre since it was established in 1986 with eleven streams of students graduating now.

Joseph Ngowani  who completed a course in carpentry and Joinery in 1988 and was among those graduating, encouraged young people in the district to register at the centre to acquire vital trade skills.

Mr Ngowani said young people would do well to learn professional skills that will assist them earn a living.

Mr Ngowani said this will help youths take up meaningful ideas to secure their role as future leaders.

Speaking when he officiated at the event yesterday, North Western province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Alfred Chiyingi, said government will continue providing skills training to youths in the country through provision of training facilities and centers.

Mr Chiyingi said this will allow youths to participate effectively in national development.

Mr Chiyingi affirmed that government wants to provide capital to young people to start small businesses and create employment for others.

 “Government has revised the curriculum to reach the labour market and other national needs to make sure that skill are accessible to youths. This is by establishing youth resource centers in all districts to train youths in agriculture to provide food security.

“To all graduates, am aware that formal employment is scarce due to economic stress, however it is our duty as government to assist in providing capital to youths to settle small businesses who may create employment to others”,  Mr Chiyingi said.

Speaking Earlier, Acting District Commissioner, Patson Mulaisho, advised the graduates to use the learned skills to help build their communities.  Mr Mulaisho who is also The District Administrative officer said this will encourage other people in the district to have a positive mind-set towards education.

Meanwhile, Mufumbwe Youth Centre Advisory Committee Chairperson Thompson Safwaya commended government for implementing programmes that seek to empower youths.

Mr Safwaya however highlighted some challenges at the centre among them inadequate training workshops, classrooms, dormitories, and modern equipment.

Mr Sawaya has since called on government support towards the centre saying this will be one sure way of empowering the young people of Mufumbwe.

Justina Mayimba, in her valedictory message thanked the Training Centre Management for their efforts in providing young people with skills despite the challenges.

Ms Mayimba assured that the graduates will utilize their skills to better their lives.