Govt committed to health service delivery

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Govt committed to health service delivery

Chibombo, July 31, 2014, ZANIS–Government says it is sparing no effort in ensuring that Zambians have easy access to improved health services regardless of their location.

Chibombo District Commissioner Felix Mang’wato says this was the reason why government has embarked on a number of projects in the health sector across the country to enhance people’s access to health services.

Mr Mang’wato was speaking during the launch of the district Planning Meeting for Mid Term Expenditure Framework 2015 – 2017 .

The planning involved the departments of Community Development, Social Welfare, Mother and Child Health.

Mr Mang’wato said government is constructing health posts across the country adding that Chibombo district has been allocated nine from the 650 health posts.

He said in response to the road accidents which the district has continued to record government is set to build a trauma centre at Liteta hospital.

Mr Mang’wato further said that government has also purchased and delivered a new fully equipped ambulance for the district to enhance rapid response to emergencies in the area by the health personnel.

He said similar projects and interventions are also being implemented in other districts in the country.

The DC said this is a clear demonstration that the Patriotic Front Government was committed to ensuring quality healthcare delivery especially in rural districts like Chibombo.

Meanwhile, Mr Mang’wato urged participants of the planning meeting to take it serious and share technical information and documents to be used by the health facilities during the 2015 – 2017 Mid Term Expenditure Framework planning process and 2015 budget preparations.

He also commended the District Community Medical Office for being one of the government departments in the district that has been annually planning for the medium term expenditure framework.

Mr Mang’wato said this has been contributing significantly towards reducing the burden of disease on the communities in the district.

He said the declining of malaria incidences and outbreaks of other diseases in the district is one of the indicators of effective planning by the District Community Medical Office.

And Chibombo District Community Medical Officer Pricilla Chisha urged the participants to pay particular attention to planning towards achieving zero malaria incidences in the district.

Dr Chisha also called for an enhanced planning towards reducing maternal mortality and action towards the eventual elimination of cervical cancer in the district.

She further urged the participants to target zero mother to child transmission of HIV, reducing the  burden of diseases and improving gender mainstreaming in the health institutions.

Dr Chisha also reminded the members to plan for the availability of medicines, medical supplies, clinical care, disease surveillance and primary health care.