‘Sata has vision to develop Zambia’

Zambian President Michael Sata
Zambian President Michael Sata

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba says President Sata has the vision to develop the country and must be given support by all well-meaning Zambians to achieve this dream.

Mr Kalaba said Zambians must continue supporting President Sata because he is the vision-carrier of the country’s development agenda and the torch-bearer of the Patriotic Front (PF).
He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Zambians have a duty to rally behind President Sata so that he can develop the country to meaningful levels.
“We have seen unprecedented development taking place in this country and the people’s lives are being improved across the country.
“What we are asking for as a government now is for the people of Zambia to continue supporting this hard-working President of Zambia so that he can deliver on his campaign promises,” Mr Kalaba said.
He said President Sata has created new districts throughout the country to help serve people by taking government closer to them.
Mr Kalaba further said the PF must continue to be an instrument of service to the people, adding that President Sata has worked hard to build roads, clinics, houses and schools countrywide in the few years he has been in office.
He also castigated MMD president Nevers Mumba for suggesting that the PF government has neglected Luapula Province.
Mr Kalaba said it is sad that Dr Mumba can continue misleading the nation that the PF has neglected Luapula when Government is busy taking various development projects to the region.
“We are very surprised as a PF government that Dr Mumba was in Mansa district talking about the fuel situation in the area.
“Mansa district is enjoying good roads, reduced power outages and many other development projects. We therefore don’t expect Dr Mumba to continue lying to the nation that we are not doing anything as a government in the area,” he said.

Zambia Daily Mail


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