MMD is in a state of good health and back on course – Muhabi

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Muhabi Lungu says that the MMD is in a state of good health and back on course, despite the recent internal wrangles it went through. Featuring on UNZA Radio’s “The Focus” programme, Mr Lungu said that the MMD can be likened to a Champion fighter who lost a fight but is training for the next big title fight. He said the MMD is rebuilding itself in readiness for the 2016 election battle and is now stable.

When questioned about the relevance of the MMD Die-Hard Youth Wing led by Bowman Lusambo, he responded by saying that there would always be structures outside the main party systems that wish to help and there was nothing wrong with that. However, he emphasized that they do not reflect the official position of the party and there are currently efforts to bring the Die-Hard group into the official party structures.

Mr Lungu said that the statement by United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema that anyone who goes back to the MMD is insane was very unfortunate and it made it difficult for the MMD to work with the UPND. “… you can only sit across the table to agree on some form of working relationship if there is mutual respect by both parties…. and clearly, there does not appear any respect of the MMD inasfar as president HH is concerned or the rest of the UPND….”

Mr Lungu said that the MMD has so far refrained from fighting back but the MMD leadership now believes that they should start defending the party against the UPND because they are being pushed into a corner. “We have refrained from attacking the UPND, which we could. We could raise issues which are very potent and pertinent about what the UPND stands for and what they have not done, and we have refrained.” Mr Lungu further said that it was important to defend the party position because the survivial of MMD is important for Zambia.

Mr Lungu said “We are the only democratically enhanced party. We are much more democratic than the UPND is, and much more democratically inclined than the Patriotic Front (PF) and the values that we hold are the values that every decent Zambian should be espousing to. I think that there is a limit to which we are going to take this abuse. We are obviously prepared to always have a discussion with our colleagues, but they have to respect us first. If they are not, then obviously they have declared ill-intent.”