– Businessman bemoans lack of health services in Manyinga District

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Businessman bemoans lack of health services in Manyinga District


Kaoma, July 26th, 2014, ZANIS —  A local businessman in Manyinga district of North-Western Province says the lack of electricity at Kasamba Hospital in the district has continued to impede government’s health service delivery at the area.


Speaking when he donated a solar panel to Kasamba Hospital in Manyinga district yesterday, Kenny Ndumba said good health is vital to social and economic emancipation which the district so desperately needs.



Mr Ndumba said it is not gratifying that after fifty years of independence, some areas such as Manyinga district still have hospitals that lack electricity which he described as an essential ingredient to proper healthcare.


He said that it was his hope that with the donation, health service delivery particularly maternal healthcare will be greatly improved in Manyinga district.



Mr Ndumba, who is also aspiring Kabompo East Member of Parliament on opposition UPND ticket , said electricity supply, should not be a basis to fail to deliver appropriate healthcare in Manyinga district in an era where energy is an essential commodity.



He said it was disheartening that other than the electricity challenge; Kasamba Hospital is faced with water reticulation difficulties and appealed to the PF government to come to the aid of the residents of Manyinga district.



Mr Ndumba further bemoaned the lack of transport at Kasamba Hospital which he said caters for a population of over eight thousand inhabitants in Manyinga district which was annexed to Kabompo district until 2012.



In April this year, Mr Ndumba donated an assortment of goods worth thousands of kwacha to Kasamba Hospital, St Kalemba Mission Hospital, Kawanda Clinic as well as Chitebe Health Centre.