Over 10,000 tested for HIV in Nyimba

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Over 10,000 tested for HIV in Nyimba

Chipata, July 25,2014, ZANIS…A total of 10,528 people were tested for HIV in the second quarter of 2014 in Nyimba district in the Eastern province.

District Commissioner George Phiri disclosed during the second quarter of the Eastern Province Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) meeting in Chipata yesterday that 228 people tested  positive and were referred to health service providers for treatment.

Mr Phiri said Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) was done during the period prior to the VCT day and that a total of K69, 382 was released for the programme.

He also noted that activities during the period prior to the VCT day provided awareness on HIV and AIDS to the local community.

Mr Phiri also disclosed that 350 males underwent Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) in an effort to prevent the spread of HIV and cervical cancer in the district against a target of 400.

The District Commissioner noted that the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health has continued to provide routine Antiretroviral Treatment in ten sites in the district.

Mr Phiri disclosed that 4,353 males and 766 female condoms were distributed in a bid to help in the prevention of the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among people in the district.

He also disclosed that 132 females underwent cervical cancer screening while, a total of 127 people got tested for Syphilis.

The District Commissioner noted that 40 cases of TB identified sputum were recorded on World TB Day.

Meanwhile, Mr Phiri says K88,400 was released for child health week and that 99 percent of total child population was given Vitamin A supplements while 105 percent of the children in the district got Mebendazole supplements.

He also disclosed that K15, 750 was released for orientation of the community on Rota vaccines saying this provided an avenue for sensitization on the importance of immunization among children.

Mr Phiri noted that K6, 900 was released out of a total budget of K7000 for malaria awareness and that activities on the need to use Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) were also undertaken.