Lands PS bemoans pressure on environment

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Lands PS bemoans pressure on environment

Kabwe, 25 July, 2014, ZANIS………………..Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary Inutu Suba says a lot of pressure has been exerted on the environment.

And Chief Ntambu of Mwinilunga district says there is need to seriously look at ways and means of conserving the environment.

The Permanent Secretary said the country’s natural resources are being depleted at a very fast rate.

She said this during the inception workshop for the Global Environment Facility project which is meant to ensure that the biodiversity and carbon sinks of the Kafue and West Lunga National Parks are better protected and effectively managed.

“Zambia has a rich natural resource base comprising a variety of flora and fauna, yet on the other hand our natural resources are being depleted at a very fast rate” , Ms  Suba said.

Ms Suba said the implementation of the project will help address challenges faced in conserving biodiversity in and around the Kafue National Park as well as the West Lunga in northwestern province.

The Permanent Secretary said government was concerned with the pressure being exerted on the environment by threats such as uncontrolled wild fires, unsustainable land use practices including wildlife poaching, pollution and deforestation.

“The underlying causes of all these vices could be attributed to poverty, uncoordinated management of natural resources and the much talked about climate change”, She said.

Ms. Suba further said government hoped to address the challenges of environmental sustainability through decentralization and local community participation in collaboration with the private sector to underpin sustainable management of the natural resources.

She said it was expected that these efforts will improve conservation and management of forest reserves and encourage Public Private Partnerships in management of wetlands on a sustainable basis.

And Chief Ntambu of Mwinilunga district said there was need to help find ways of creating income generating ventures for people involved in vices such poaching and deforestation.

He said ventures such as Honey production and aqua-culture could help people in his area to desist from vices that are detrimental to the environment.

The traditional leader said destroying trees and the wetlands is negatively affecting the environment.