2)–Sinda records positive development

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-Katete Retirees and senior citizens have called on government to give them a Jubilee bonus for the service they rendered to the country.

Speaking yesterday during the Retirees Welfare Bureau of Zambia (RWBZ) sensitization meeting Mrs. Bwalya Banda said there is need for government to begin considering retirees and senior citizens as a resource and not a forgotten group of people.

Mrs. Banda said there is need for government to protect retirees and senior citizens from destitution through implementation of polices that support their welfare in society.

She observed that there was need for government to harmonize the monthly allowances for retirees as the variation has brought about displeasure to people that retired many years ago.

She noted that some retirees were getting as low as five Kwacha in monthly allowances while others are getting about 400 kwacha a situation that has created vulnerability in the older retirees.

Mrs. Banda who is a former school Head Teacher said there was need for government to equalize the payment in older to improve the living standards of senior citizens.

She further proposed that as Zambia will be celebrating her Golden Jubilee there was need for government to give retirees and senior Citizens a bonus of at least K1000 as appreciation for the service they rendered during their time of public service.

She further called on government to continually engage senior citizens as they plan for the country and make use of the vast experience that they hold in their various professions.

Meanwhile , Retirees Welfare Bureau of Zambia Executive Director Geoffrey Chiyesu has thanked the Patriotic Front government and stakeholders for the support rendered in uplifting the plight of retirees and senior Citizens.

Mr. Chiyesu said his organization was hopeful of government’s full support in realizing the important role senior citizens and retirees play in society.

The sensitization workshop of retirees and senior citizens in Katete yesterday drew mass participation who included retired midwives, nurses, doctors, miners, environmental specialists, bankers and teachers among other professions.