Chinsali residents happy with water project

Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water
Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water

Residents of Chikanda village in Chinsali district are happy that they will soon have piped water in the area once the K40 million water reticulation projects is completed.

Speaking on behalf of other villagers, Charity Chiluba told ZANIS in an interview in Chinsali today that since independence the area has not had piped water despite being situated a few kilometers from the boma.

Ms Chiluba said residents are happy with developments taking place in the district as evidenced by the K40 million water project, construction of a university and provincial administration offices.

She praised government for taking development to the remotest parts of the country as it would ensure that villages have access to clean and safe drinking water and electricity.

And China Gansu Construction Company engaged to carry out the water project in Chinsali said the water reticulation project will be completed by December this year.

Company site manager Yolong Sun said his firm’s target was to deliver a quality project to the people of Chinsali on time and end the water blues faced by the district.

Meanwhile, Chinsali District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa expressed happiness with the on-going water reticulation works.

Chinsali, ZANIS, 23 July, 2014