2)—-Constitution sufficient to warrant rights ..Miyanda

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Former Republican Vice President and Heritage Party Leader Godfrey Miyanda has submitted to the Legal and Justice Reforms Sector Commission that the Zambian constitution was sufficient enough to warrant citizens rights and freedoms if implementers of the law interpreted it correctly.

And Brigadier General Miyanda told the Commission that the Zambian society should not give room or accept what he called uncultural practices such as homosexuality to be included in the laws of the land.

In his petition to the Justice Fredrick Chomba led Commission today, Brig Gen Miyanda said the law enforcement agencies such as the police need to be trained to interpret the law correctly to avoid wrongly arresting innocent citizens in the name of enforcing the law.

He referred to Section 2 of the Penal Code which contains the Public Order as one of the most abused law by Police officers.

As opposed to some people who call for the removal of public Order Act, Brig Gen Miyanda praised the Act but noted that enforcement officers have made it look like a bad clause because of the way they interpreted it.

He explained that removal of the clause would bring chaos in the country but warned the authorities against using it to frustrate or persecute the opposition political parties.

He also condemned the police for arresting and searching private properties of citizens without proper justification saying such was an act of injustice.

Meanwhile,  Brig Gen Miyanda has stated that legalization of homosexuality and marijuana should not be tolerated in the Zambia society as it was against cultural values.

He noted that the appeal by some petitioners that homosexuality be allowed in Zambia in the name of human rights for the minority should not be entertained.

And Brig Gen Miyanda told the Commission that the Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) is assaulting the privacy of the Zambia citizens by coming up with a law to register all simcards for communication devises.

He noted that it was improper for ZICTA to allow mobile service providers that include foreigners to monitor phone conversations of citizens which he said were against the Bill of Rights.

The Legal and Justice Sector Reform Commission started public sittings in Lusaka yesterday and about nine petitioners have since appeared before it.