First Lady worried over increasing child marriages

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First Lady Christine Kaseba has described the high number of child marriages in Zambia as a crisis.


Speaking in interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation in Lusaka monitored by ZANIS today, Dr Kaseba said child marriages must be fought with the same energy that saw the country reduce the HIV prevalence from 25 percent to the current 16 percent.


Dr Kaseba said HIV was considered a crisis when the prevalence rate stood at 25 percent , indicating that the country needs to do something about the 42 percent of girls that are either married-off or impregnated before they reach the age of 18 years.


The First Lady however expressed happiness that leaders at different levels are getting involved in the fight against early marriages.


Dr Kaseba pointed out that traditional leaders have become active in fighting the vice because of heightened awareness in the country.


She also commended the media in Zambia for its role in raising awareness as well as fighting early marriages.