3)–Luangwa DC calls for investment

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Luangwa DC calls for investment

Luangwa, July 22, 2014, ZANIS……………Luangwa District Commissioner Eunie Mumba has called for investment in the area to help improve the living standards of the people.

Mr. Mumba said this following the erection of ZESCO poles in the area which will soon see the district connected to the national electricity grid.

The Luangwa DC said connecting the area to the national power grid will attract investment in the region especially that it shares a border with Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Mr Mumba urged people to invest now when there is plenty of land and not wait when there will be scramble.

He however said that there is need to quicken the pace at which the district is being connected to the national grid because it was very expensive to use thermal power.

He added that it was difficult for the district to engage in business ventures because of the limited thermal power supply.

Meanwhile, Mr Mumba said the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) has started working on the roads in the district.

This follows the receipt of a set of earth moving equipment to work on the roads especially those in rural areas.

Mr Mumba said the district has since opened up roads to service Kavalamanja and Amoro areas a situation that has cheered the residents.