— 1, 623 benefit from social cash transfer funds in Mufumbwe

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Government has released about K250, 000 for the Social Cash Transfer programme to benefit 1,623 vulnerable people in Mufumbwe District of North Western province.

The beneficiaries are from 25 Community Welfare Assistant Committees (CWACS) across the district.

ZANIS reports that Social Welfare Officer, Elizabeth Nshimbi, confirmed the development in an interview in Mufumbwe District, today.

Ms. Nshimbi said payment to the to the identified people in the district have since been completed.

She disclosed that the beneficiaries were paid between K140 and K280 on a bi- monthly basis.

The Social Welfare Officer said, shortly after paying out monies to people in Kashima area of Mufumbwe,  that government is working tirelessly to reduce poverty among the people of Mufumbwe.

The Social cash transfer is part of government’s initiative under the Sixth national development plan to lessen poverty levels in the country.

Official estimates by the Central Statistics Office say the poverty levels stand at about seventy percent with the most affected living in rural areas.

Meanwhile, Provincial Social Welfare Officer, Patson Kaluba, has urged the beneficiaries to utilize the money prudently.

Mr Kaluba told the people to venture in small income generating activities like goat rearing to enable them improve and sustain their lives.

“From here let’s not rush to the nearby bars or taverns and waste the money on beer, instead use it wisely by putting it into something that will benefit you for a long time,” Mr. Kaluba said.

And a beneficiary, Mwajenka has thanked government for introducing the social cash transfer in Mufumbwe.

Mr Kapita, who is physically challenged said he will utilize the money he received in chicken rearing for the benefit of his family.